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Safety, Compliance & ESG

Putting Our Principles into Practice

Every day, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) guides our business and is incorporated into everything we do for our customers, our company, and the communities in which we operate.

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At Southern Devall, how we operate is as important as the results we deliver. Our ESG strategy is at the very essence of who we are and what we stand for. Our vision is to be the value-add leader in sustainable marine transportation with state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible vessels backed by skilled and highly-trained employees. To achieve this, our business model is anchored by a commitment to advancing sustainability and leveraging product ingenuity to create powerful change. We deliver sustainable solutions and superior performance as measured by the positive impacts we have on our employees, the environment, and our customers. That has, is, and always will be our focus.

- Kenny Devall, CEO, Southern Devall

Safety & Compliance

At Southern Devall, we prioritize the well-being of our crew, cargo, and the environment by strictly adhering to all safety regulations and industry standards. Our objective is ZERO injuries and incidents. By securing dedication from every level of our company, this objective is both realistic and attainable. We strive to maintain a culture of safety and compliance at all times.

Our commitment to these principles is demonstrated through the audited compliance of our safety programs, and participation in industry advisory committees as well as technical

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A Southern Devall Barge transporting liquid gas up a river

Environmental Stewardship

The waterways we work on are much more than transport routes; they are a habitat to wildlife of all kinds and a vital part of the landscape we at Southern Devall call home. As specialists in chemical bulk marine transportation, we take extreme care when transporting products for our customers to help prevent any harm to the environment and we set ambitious goals to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. From the sustainable technologies we design into our vessels to the safety measures we take to protect these waters plus more, each and every employee at Southern Devall is personally committed to preserving the national treasures where we live, work and play.

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Social Responsibility

Across the country, we support the communities we serve through volunteerism, community outreach and philanthropy. Our commitment to social responsibility can take on many forms, such as working with local schools to create internship opportunities, to assisting communities after natural disasters, and a host of other services to support our people, their families, and out communities. Wherever we operate, we are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. To that point, we aim to create a work environment where employees feel connected to our company, where open dialogue is encouraged, and every employee feels empowered and valued.

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With guidance from leadership, we’ve built Southern Devall on a solid foundation of ethics and compliance. We earn our customers’ business by delivering exceptional service, but we earn their respect by conducting business with personal and professional integrity. From our offices to our warehouses to our barges and beyond, we operate with honesty and transparency. Our Code of Conduct is our roadmap to putting our company values into action, ensuring we work in a responsible manner based on respecting human rights, maintaining a safe work environment, and being compliant with all regulatory requirements.

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